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Counselling, Integrative Therapy, Coaching, Wellbeing Courses & Workshops

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Coaching & Mentoring

We offer one-to-one Coaching and Mentoring sessions, available online remotely via Zoom or Microsoft teams.

Our certified counsellors and therapists have a range of different skills and experience, such as mentoring people with disabilities, coaching within government courses and programs. Including working with people in various sectors such as health and social care, education, employment, prisons and probation. These roles involve delivering services within rehabilitation, job centres and colleges. Contact us to discuss how we might be able to add value and provide a service for your projects and organisation.


Available online & in-person (locally)

Courses with Coaching

We offer a range of wellbeing courses and we are also available to deliver other courses through other projects.


Our online Coaching and Mentoring Service can be adapted to meet various needs, organisational and government programs

Group Workshops

We want to become more involved in helping communities, being part of projects and causes. We are interested in improving mental health and wellbeing for all.