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Why some of the changes that were made to the delivery of services as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic are here to stay!

On the 25th March 2020, in respect of Covid- 19. The continuity plan to offer continued service to Integrity service users and counselling agency clients moved to remote sessions via Telephone and Zoom. As part of training for agency work, and to meet requirements, to deliver remote counselling sessions, in line with the BACP ethical framework the online primer course was completed.

In relation to previous contract work, as a sole trader, Melanie’s business (was Healthy4Life) operated on a smaller scale than larger competitors. Melanie has always set out with the intention of providing quality sessions over quantity and still does. Before lockdown(s), her service was delivered face-to-face, from probation centres, hubs and agencies. However, during the COVID pandemic, her work switched to remote working from her home office, which highlighted many advantages of delivering sessions this way.

Now operating as Wellbeing Matters – Talking therapies, we will remain to offer remote sessions, enabling many services to be accessible across the whole of the UK, in addition gradually doing some face to face work locally around Dorset, New Forest and Hampshire.

The main realisation was that regardless of the pandemic, there is a need for remote support as some prefer to access help in this way, also without the need of travelling to various hubs and centres that were previously involved, more people can be reached in different areas. These are just a couple of reasons that inspired some tweaks to the business model, including recent plans to expand the business and include a small team of other therapists and coaches, as part of a referral system

One of our missions is to make talking therapies more accessible for people to access!