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Counselling, Integrative Therapy, Coaching, Wellbeing Courses & Workshops

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Talking Therapy Counselling/Integrative Therapy

Counselling and Therapy are our main primary services. We offer bespoke sessions with Integrative approaches to suit individual requirements.

We also offer stand alone therapies, such as EMDR to help with specific issues linked to PTSD/Trauma

Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching is blended into guided self help sessions or integrated with other services. However, this service can also be booked individually.

Contact us to for a tailored package to meet your requirements.

Guided Self Help

Guided Self Help Sessions are delivered as a hybrid mini course with a coach facilitator. Covering a range of wellbeing topics, that include well researched material.

Topics include; Managing Emotions, Raising Self-Esteem, Improving Relationships, Life Purpose and more!

General Support Sessions

General Support Sessions are offered as an individual ad-hock service.

These individual support sessions can be booked directly through the site, for general everyday problems, when you need someone to talk to and offload.

Wellbeing Workshops

Available Soon!

Small-Group Workshops.
We plan to offer this service through various settings.

Please feel free to contact us and share your interest.

Manage Emotions

Manage Emotional Triggers and Boost Resilience. Learn some helpful self-regulation techniques to reduce heightened states from the body's Fight or Flight response

General Health/Wellbeing

Develop daily habits to boost resilience and improve Motivation, Health and Wellbeing

Self Esteem

Improve Self-talk and Develop Practices to Strengthen self-worth

Better Relationship Skills

Improve Communication and Manage Emotional Reactivity

Free Resources

Blogs, Articles, Podcasts and Videos

Broad Categories and Issues