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Counselling, Integrative Therapy, Coaching, Wellbeing Courses & Workshops

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At Wellbeing Matters Therapy we specialise in Person-Centred and Integrative approaches, to help adults who for whatever reason, are struggling to thrive in life.

Our bespoke services include Counselling/Therapy, Coaching/Mentoring, Wellbeing Courses and small Workshops. Most of our services are run online, which means we can reach out to people across the UK. We are available for some face to face work in Dorset, UK. We offer individual sessions privately through organisations and community projects. Please get in touch to find out more.



Available online & in-person (locally)


Courses with Coaching

We offer a range of wellbeing courses and we are also available to deliver other courses through other projects.



Our online Coaching and Mentoring Service can be adapted to meet various needs, organisational and government programs


Group Workshops

We want to become more involved in helping communities, being part of projects and causes. We are interested in improving mental health and wellbeing for all.